I am Much Too Young to Be this Old

I Hate Cliches because they seem to be mostly true.

Where did the time go? It goes by so fast. Kids grow up so fast. Hot flashes.

Certainly the face and the age on my driver's license cannot be correct.  Certainly my daughter is not turning 21.  Those wrinkles and that gray hair I see on my husband is an illusion.  

I am much too young to feel this old. I am much too young to BE this old. I am in my later fifties, fast approaching 60. I am married with a 20something daughter and a calico cat.  Living in a college town.

I have been hearing a lot of echoes of these thoughts and feelings reflected in friends and colleagues and cohorts. We seem to be living in a perpetual state of disbelief.  And we seem to be saying things we heard all those "old" people say. Old meaning our parents and grandparents and now suddenly our stats are the same as theirs were when we thought them so ancient.

As I struggle with my disbelief and a sort of sense of loss, I have decided to claim my wisdom. At leaast that is what I am calling it. It has come with the years and the experiences and the struggles and the awesome moments.  Faith and Family and really good therapists and a great cat have brought me to this place up and maybe over "the hill".   And I want to connect with others who are in similar spots because I am finding them amazingly insightful and delightfully amusing and incredibly helpful with their honesty and encouragement and their support.

I am new to this.  I am feeling called to this writing.  I hope that is true and that my thoughts and words honor God and are not just ramblings and rantings which my family are tired of hearing me go on and on about.

Hopefully something will bless someone.  My prayers for all who read this are just that.  May these thoughts be from God and fit into a hole or a hurt or a need someone needs and so serve to bless them.

I pray also that people are gentle in their feedback.  

In Jesus' name.  Amen

My first actual blog writing I am just now ready to share.  I am quite apprehensive but if I am being called to do this well .... here goes.